Our 5 Biggest Marriage Mistakes

So I would say we have a pretty good marriage. Not a perfect marriage, but a pretty good marriage. But we've made a lot of mistakes over the years, and 18 plus years into this now, we were reflecting on what are the biggest mistakes that we've made, the things that have caused the most pain, have taken us down the wrong turns, the things that we wish we would have done differently, and the things that we've tried to actively improve upon. And that's what we're gonna talk about in today's episode of the five biggest marriage mistakes we've made and how we are in process on working on them.


In this conversation, Graham and Shay Cochrane discuss the five biggest marriage mistakes they have made and how they are working on them. The first mistake they discuss is living in separate worlds, where they are physically present but mentally disconnected. The second mistake is avoiding conflict and hard conversations, which prevents them from resolving issues and growing closer. The third mistake is not honoring each other's love languages, leading to a lack of emotional connection. The fourth mistake is being selfish during hard seasons, when one partner needs more care and support. The fifth mistake is not prioritizing the care of the marriage over other responsibilities and commitments.


  • Living in separate worlds can lead to a lack of emotional connection in a marriage.
  • Avoiding conflict and hard conversations prevents growth and resolution of issues.
  • Honoring each other's love languages is essential for emotional connection.
  • Being selfless and supportive during hard seasons strengthens the marriage.
  • Prioritizing the care of the marriage over other responsibilities is crucial for maintaining intimacy.


00:00 Living in Separate Worlds
05:17 Avoiding Conflict and Hard Conversations
12:29 Not Honoring Each Other's Love Languages
19:21 Being Selfish During Hard Seasons
31:19 Not Prioritizing the Care of the Marriage



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