Your family can do things differently.

the payoffs are worth it.

little things can have huge impact. 


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Each week on the Family Goals Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Real insights from almost 20 years of marriage
  • Practical and actionable wisdom for busy parents
  • Hope and encouragement as you create your family culture
  • Timeless strategies for managing money
  • Refreshing perspectives on how to win at work without sacrificing your family


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Meet your hosts

Shay Cochrane

Shay is the founder of Elevae Visuals, a stock image and video membership for female entrepreneurs. You can usually find her out in the garden, sweating it out in the sauna, or sipping a green juice while listening to a biohacking podcast.

Graham Cochrane

Graham is an author, speaker, and host of the top .5% ranked podcast The Graham Cochrane Show. You can usually find him at the movies, playing Nintendo with his daughters, or out for a walk on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa.

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Every Family Is Unique

We believe that no two families are the same. More than that, we believe every family can and should leave a unique imprint on the world. You get to decide as a couple and as a family unit, what you value and how you want to show up uniquely in this world.

And just to be clear, we haven't "figured it out". Rather we want this show to encourage and empower your family to lean more into your own uniqueness so you can have greater joy and greater impact in the world!